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Home Payment Methods

Orders can be paid through one of the following payment methods:

1. Bank deposit

    You can pay for your order through a bank account.

    Please indicate the reason for your order number. For the fastest service, inform us via e-mail at eshop@teostores.gr for the payment, enclosing the deposit receipt.

    The bank accounts to which you can deposit the price for the payment of your order are the following and they will be sent to you by e-mail automatically when you complete your order.


    Account Number: 860 00 2320 001802

    IBAN: GR 03 014 0 8600860002320001802


    Account Number: 377 / 440879-92

    IBAN: GR 70 0110 3770 0000 3774 4087992


    Account Number: 6614142388103

    IBAN: GR0601716140006614142388103


    Account Number: 0026023977020

    IBAN: GR8602602390000770201464174

    Beneficiary: MICHAILIDIS G. & CO OE

2. Payment at the store

    You can pay at the store upon receipt of your products, either in cash or by card. Applies only to the "Receive from TeoStores" shipping method.

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